Feature Drama, 2007



Donnie Rose went to prison for beating a young black man so brutally it left him handicapped for life. Nine years later, Donnie is a changed man but must go back home to the same violent place that created him.

George Carvery has waited nine years to avenge his son’s fate. When he meets Donnie, however, Carvery surprisingly overcomes his need for vengeance.  But the black community still wants justice. Their instrument is Ossie Paris – a devastatingly talented boxer who challenges Donnie to a grudge match.

As the racism boils to the surface, Carvery trains Donnie for the fight. Their partnership makes them outcasts from both tribes, knowing that their futures will be decided with the bell of the first round.



Special Presentation Berlinale 2007, Nominated for The Teddy Award

Special Presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2007

WINNER: Best Atlantic Feature – Atlantic Film Festival People’s Choice/Audience Award

WINNER: Atlantic Film Festival – Best Original Screenplay

WINNER: Atlantic Film Festival – Best Art Direction

WINNER: Atlantic Film Festival – CityTV Award for Best Canadian Feature

WINNER: Audience Award – Calgary International Film Festival

Genie Award Nomination - Achievement in Editing, Achievement in Music – Original Song,

Genie Award Nomination - Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

WINNER: Best supporting Actor – Greg Bryk, Vancouver Film Critics’ Circle

WINNER: Best Feature – Pan African Film Festival

Director’s Guild of Canada – Nomination for Outstanding Achievement Craft Award for direction of amotion picture film